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We are working community of experienced family therapists, supervisors and trainers. We have been working and developing dialogic and reflective processes for couple of decades. Dialogic is the biggest agency in Finland in training supervisors and family therapists. We have produced more than 60 different long term training programs together with our alliances, mainly with some Universities in Finland.

Our mission is to support self agency and sense of subjectivity of citizens, and stand for social responsibility and sustainability in our society. Our intention is, together with our clients, to generate dialogic ways of thinking and acting in working life and in families. We want to support professionals on this field in a way, that their clients can benefit about their relationship.


About dialogue

The most essentially we find the dialogic approach as an idea of man. Many philosophists, like Martin Buber and Mihail Bahtin, have questioned the existance of individual self and underlined that the self is in relationships.

In the practice this means, for example, that our influence other people is not a one way direction act. Only together with people around us, we can contruct new understanding, ideasand alternative ways of thinking, been and acting. For dialogic co-laborating it is essential, that we can respons each others ways of been, appropriate way, “in here and now”.

Future trainings

Dialogical approaches in couple and family therapy

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Jorma Ahonen


I’m MSc. a Social Psychologist and Advanced level Family Therapist. I’m co-founder of the Dialogic Partner Co. I work as a trainer in several Open Dialogue programs internationally and in Family Therapy Training programs in Finland. My speciality is to train and supervise dialogic skills and practise.

In larger contexts that practice can be applied to ”Dialogic Design”, when it is to do with therapy within client’s network, or applied in planning training programs or leadership and organisational development.

I’m also familiar with using some creative methods like role training and video reflections.

Tiina Ahonen

Bachelor of Social Services, family and couple therapy trainer and supervisor

I have qualification for family and couple psychotherapy and I`ve worked as a psychotherapist since 2004.

I have worked during 20 years in crisis work, treatment for substance abuse and child protection, both as an employee and a manager. I act as a supervisor and a trainer in national and international training programs. Fertility treatments, guestions considering foster parenthood, crisis work and working as an Effective Family Program –methods trainer are my special expertise.

Eija-Liisa Rautiainen

PhD in psychology, family therapy trainer and supervisor and psychologist specialized in psychotherapy

I have worked twenty years as psychologist in adult psychiatry and for the last six years as a full-time trainer and supervisor.

I am a member of Dialogic Partners group and I’m responsible for the family training programs there. I also act as a trainer in supervision training courses and I do international training work in Open Dialogue training programs. I have developed couple therapy for depression, that was the theme for my doctoral dissertation.

I’m also very interested in developing dialogical training processes.

Jaakko Seikkula

Ph.D, Professor (emeritus) in psychotherapy, University of Jyväskylä

Since early 1980 s I have participated in developing dialogical, more human and family centred care for most severe mental health problems, as psychosis.

I have actively studied the new system of care since the end of 1980s, having the focus both on the effectiveness of the Open Dialogues and on making sense of the dialogical processes. For this I have with my team developed a specific method for investigating multi actor dialogues.

Lately I have been in charge of a research project for Relational Mind, in which we were looking at the embodiment of dialogues. It is, how do we participate in dialogue with our bodies. I am a family therapy supervisor and have conducted about half of a dozen program for Psychotherapists and about a half of a dozen programs for Trainers in dialogical family therapy, including Open Dialogues. Lately these programs happen in English.

I am also an active author, writing 12 books, out of which two have been translated in 15 languages. In addition, I have authored or co-authored about 180 scientific paper.